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Reticular Vein Removal in L.A.

What Are Reticular Veins?

Of the three unsightly vein types: varicose, spider and reticular, the latter are a visible sign of the mildest form of venous reflux. Reticular veins (or Feeder veins) are dilated veins that have a blue or green color and are the result of weak vein valves and walls. These unsightly veins are quite common and thought of as a genetic legacy. With that said, they®re no cause for concern. Put simply: reticular veins are ugly but not dangerous.

Non-Surgical Reticular Vein Removal

Dr. Bahari uses Asclera (polidocanol), FDA-approved injectable, sclerosing medication for the removal of reticular veins. (Unlike other sclerosing injections, Asclera has also an anesthetic effect which provides an added benefit to patients: the treatment is less stressful.) Asclera has a 40 year safety record in Europe where it has been used successfully in over 5 million reticular and spider vein removal treatments. (Asclera is used primarily on the legs.)

How Does Asclera Work?

Once Asclera is injected directly into the offending reticular vein it causes its walls to constrict and close so it can no longer circulate blood. Since legs have many veins, once the damaged one closes, the remaining healthy ones take over its work.

Spider Veins BEFORE Treatment with Asclera

Spider Veins AFTER Treatment with Asclera

Is Asclera Reticular Vein Removal For You?

Asclera Reticular Vein Removal is the perfect solution for most patients. However those who suffer from vascular disease, some blood conditions and those on certain prescription drugs shouldn't be treated with Asclera, or any other sclerosing agents. Pregnancy and allergy to polidocanol are other counter-indicators.

Reticular Vein Removal With Asclera: The Treatment

The treatment is performed at Dr. Bahari's office and takes from 30 to 45 minutes. Dr. Bahari will cleanse the area surrounding the reticular vein that needs treatment and may apply a topical anesthetic. He'll then inject Asclera into the reticular vein.

Recovery after Asclera Reticular Vein Removal

Since there is no surgery or incisions involved, most patients can resume their usual routine right after the treatment. In all cases, the patient will need to wear a compression stocking on the treated leg for a few days.

Results after Asclera Reticular Vein Removal

Not all patients respond to treatment the same way. While most patients achieve the desired outcome after a single treatment; some may require two or three. The results of Asclera Reticular Vein Removal will be evaluated by Dr. Bahari during your follow-up appointment.

Risks of Reticular Vein Removal with Asclera

Any treatment has some risks. Fortunately, the risks of Reticular Vein Removal with Asclera are small: there is a very rare possibility of allergic reaction. Dr. Bahari will take all necessary precautions to minimize potential risks.

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