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L.A. Non-Surgical Eye Lift

Dr. Bahari's State of The Art EXCLUSIVE Procedure

No, we're not talking about a "magic" potion but a an actual treatment that doesn't involve surgery and yet produces compatible and long-lasting results.

Dr. Bahari provides non-invasive, safe, and cost effective alternatives to eye lift surgery. He uses fractional resurfacing laser and dermal fillers to dramatically reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles, tighten upper and lower eyelid's skin to elevate drooping eyebrows, and treat dark eye circles without the trauma of surgery.

Fractional laser eyelift is the latest advancement in non-surgical eye lift. Fractional laser resurfacing technology works by breaking up the laser light beam into columns that target the area intended for treatment while leaving the surrounding skin tissue intact. The laser columns ablate the damaged skin, stimulating new skin tissue growth. Healing occurs quickly and the end results are fewer eye wrinkles and tighter eyelid skin for up to five years. In order to achieve the best results from the fractional laser eyelift, three to five sessions delivered at three to four week intervals, are recommended.

Hyaluronic Acid filers are injected to smooth out the skin under the eye, removing the depression between the cheek and the eyelid. Small injections of the filler are placed in precise locations filling in depressed areas, correcting the contours under your eyes. This removes the shadow, which creates the dark circles, and eliminates the look of protruding lower lids. Results are very smooth and last for months. This temporary method allows you to make adjustments as your face changes over time so that you will always have a natural, youthful look.

To learn more about Non-Surgical Eye Lift and to schedule a makeover consultation with Dr. Bahari, contact us by phone or request an appointment Online, today.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Bahari will evaluate your unique needs and desired end results, and explain the treatment in detail. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so that you'll know exactly what to expect from the treatment.

Dr. Bahari is personally involved in every treatment so you'll get the same, consistently great results every time.

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